Sperm Free and Loving It!

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It’s been ten months since my vasectomy, and sex has returned to my marriage. I don’t think either of us really realized the psychological weight, that being in a troubled marriage but knowing that we are fertile together and didn’t want more kids, exerted on our already limited sex life. It was especially restricting for her. For years, she was on the pill and I wore condoms because she was absolutely terrified of pregnancy. Before my surgery, I could count on my fingers and toes, with digits left over, the number of times the skin of my penis and her vagina actually touched in 12 years together.

Now I’m starting to lose count, which is good, I think.

I used to be afraid to cum. I’d block out pleasure in my mind not really getting into the sex, not really burying myself to the hilt, not letting go, not going for broke. I’d just give the minimum dick and make up the difference with my tongue. And then, for a long time, I couldn’t cum, not even while wanking. It was a real problem that led to some erectile dysfunction. It would take forever and when I’d get discouraged I’d get mind-fucked and lose my erection. I’ve had very few blowjobs to completion due to this. A lady gets tired and you gotta respect that and praise her for her enormous effort.

Now though, well shit, I’m a goddamn sex machine. I come too quickly, sometimes, but it’s no big deal. Making a woman come with my tongue always makes me hot, and you know I like the taste of me on her, so it isn’t long before I’m hard again and we’re back to fucking, her pussy all the more aroused and ready for my dick. And the second time, whoo!, I can go and go and go, but unlike the past, when we are sloppy and sweat soaked, muscles burning for one more orgasm, I don’t get discouraged, I relax, find that deep place inside, and fill her with my well-earned load.

I didn’t write this just to brag about my new-found sexual freedom and success. A little bit, yeah, but mostly to share and advocate. My marriage is far from satisfactory and I don’t know if it has the legs for the long run but I do know that without my vasectomy, I wouldn’t even be considering staying married. Sex is so important to me and I think it should be important to everyone, especially married folks. This little surgery, and it really is quite small, is lifting mountains of psychological bullshit, that kept us from experiencing pleasure, from finding connection, from finding restoration and comfort in each other. Yeah, it’s showing the deeper problems, some of which are sexual and insurmountable, but now we have a way to heal, if only a little.

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